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Best Book on Positioning

This weekend I finished reading one of the best books on positioning, a book by April Dunford called Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It, by April Dunford. As a content marketing manager in the...

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Brand messaging strategy and home page redesign

Helping real people learn to trade in real life YouCanTrade is an online educational platform dedicated to helping anyone learn how to trade.  Problem The company had gone through several lackluster website redesigns, but still was not seeing...


How to craft a brand messaging strategy

If you’ve launched your business and not getting the engagement and sales that you’re looking for or you’re considering launching your business you need to have a brand messaging strategy. What is Brand Messaging? Brand messaging is so important...

how to create an email list fast

How to create an email list fast using your website

Have you ever used Bath & Body Works products? I know I have. From the days of sweet pea to warm vanilla sugar. They have a wide collection of fragrances, and these days I am really into their scented candles.  The thing is I don’t really...