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IRA account activation campaign

It’s time to start planning for tomorrow today

TradeStation Securities wanted to increase the number of Individual Retirement Accounts for its IRA offering. 

Traditionally this area of the business has seen stagnant growth due to the lack of awareness of this particular account type. As with most financial services products, a lack of awareness and education can prove detrimental to the adoption and growth of these products and services.


  • Clients and prospects that didn’t have an IRA needed to know the benefits of owning an IRA and WHY they should hold their IRA at the company.
  • Clients and prospects that already owned an IRA needed to know how they could rollover their IRA and WHY they should rollover their IRA with the company. 

Before creating the campaign strategy, a detailed market and competitive analysis of the IRA market was conducted. Interviews with key stakeholders at the company were conducted to understand the benefits of the product offering and the value it provided to its account holders. 

It’s time to start planning for tomorrow today

Once all the data had been gathered and a clear picture of what was needed was identified, a campaign strategy was created focused on the key message — start planning for tomorrow today.

This key message helped to ground the theme of the campaign and spoke to the need for the audience to start planning for the future as soon as possible. 

Through the message and various elements of the campaign, we wanted to create a sense of urgency around taking care of your financial future, while providing a simple and easy path to do so. 


IRA Landing Page
IRA Holiday Email Nurturing Sequence
IRA Holiday Email Nurturing Sequence