How to craft a brand messaging strategy

If you’ve launched your business and not getting the engagement and sales that you’re looking for or you’re considering launching your business you need to have a brand messaging strategy.

What is Brand Messaging?

Brand messaging is so important, yet it’s one of the things that often gets overlooked as we look to launch our new business, product or service.

Trust me I know it’s happened to me as well. 

When I launched my first product a children’s book called Brave Little Firsts: The Remarkable Firsts of Women from Around the World, which was a #1 Amazon new release, I obsessed over the design of the website and how my social media channel @bravelittlefirsts should look.  

That’s because we get caught up in the aesthetics and how our brand should look. 

Even big budget marketing teams that I have worked with over the years prioritize things like the logo, the color scheme, and design features of their website. 

These guys spend thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to get the best logo designs, color schemes, and fonts. They will redesign their website every two years looking, hoping, and praying for a new result. 

But guess what if you have all those things and you don’t have the right message, a clear, well defined and simple message that communicates the value you provide your brand and business will fall flat. 

It will also be ten times harder to market your business and communicate your value to your potential customers.

Why you need a clear brand message?

That’s why you need to prioritize your brand messaging strategy. Having a clear brand messaging strategy will help you to: 

  1. Tap into the power of your story
  2. Connect with your audience
  3. Clearly communicate your value
  4. Easily articulate your WHY
  5. Attract more clients
  6. Secure more leads
  7. Get more sales
  8. Create a firm foundation for all your communication

And best of all you can use it as a guide for all your marketing content — website, social media, video, and email.

Once you have your brand message solidified it will be easy to create your website content, social media, and email strategy because you will know exactly what you want to communicate and your audience will understand why they should work with you or buy from you. 

That’s what I love helping my clients to do. Craft the foundation of their marketing through a clearly defined brand message and story. 

I’ve worked with corporate and individual clients and this has been central to their success as a business. 

And I want to help you clearly communicate your value to attract more clients and get more sales. That’s why I created a one-on-one 60 minute messaging strategy workshop to help my clients clarify their message by leaning on the of story and I want to help you to do the same.

Book your brand messaging strategy session today.

If you’re not ready and just need a little help to tweak your story check out the steps to crafting a story that sells, a free guide to unlocking the power of your story.