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Brand messaging strategy and home page redesign

Helping real people learn to trade in real life

YouCanTrade is an online educational platform dedicated to helping anyone learn how to trade. 


The company had gone through several lackluster website redesigns, but still was not seeing the growth they had been hoping to see. 

Sarah Potter, the founder of YouCanTrade started the company as a self-taught trader who took small steps each day to master the art of trading.

Her story was very inspiring and it was important to weave her vision of empowering others into the brand message and all marketing communications. 


To ensure consistent brand communication across all YCT marketing channels a brand messaging strategy guide was created to highlight their:

  • Value proposition 
  • Brand voice and tone 
  • Messaging pillars 

This brand messaging guide was used as the foundation of all YCT communications and helped to centralize the message across all marketing channels. Including the newly designed YCT home page. 


  • Centralized brand message and value proposition
  • Increased traffic to site
  • Increased conversions on the site
Brand Messaging Strategy
Redesigned YCT home page content